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Bundiyarra Gardantha Newsletter 2015-2016

Bundiyarra Gardantha

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nhaa ngariyarra

meaning whats inside 


"Hello everyone


Attached is the July-August edition of Bundiyarra Gardantha.


Read how Bundiyarra can now power ahead with funding through the Royalties for Regions Regional Grants Scheme, to expand and offer a unique Aboriginal tourism experience.


The Work for the Dole Scheme continues to be a success story for participants and Bundiyarra, with a great deal of enthusiasm from both sides. The State Manager from the Department of Employment visited and was most impressed with the way the program is running.


Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga Language Centre has been extremely busy as usual: Recording language with Elder, Uncle Ollie George, helping preserve history at the Granites and visiting Strathalbyn Christian College while continuing their involvement with the Flexible Learning Centre kids among other things!


I hope you enjoy the read.


Best regards

Sue Chiera"






Letters from our Community Partners


Congratulations Bundiyarra Team on a wonderful newsletter!! So many achievements and so many positive activities. Well done everyone! 
Look forward to the next newsletter. 
Kind regards,
Sue Hanson

Hanson and Associates:

Aboriginal Linguistics and Project Management

Hi Marchelle

Another fabulous production again.  I will email to all of our staff for them and our students to read.

Great work.


Jacqui Quartermaine

Principal Rangeway Primary School


Thanks so much for sending this through :-)

Well done on all you have accomplished this year :-)


Annaleis Martin

University of Western Australia 


Hi Marchelle,

Another great read – well done!

I hope all is well at Bundi…. 

Best regards, 

Ian Carpenter


City of Greater Geraldton


Thanks Marchelle – wow you guys are busy

Awesome newsletter!

Kind regards 

Robyn Nicholas

Senior Environment and Sustainability Officer


Hi Marchelle 

Great edition - worth waiting for. 

Kind Regards 

Nicki Patterson


Mullewa DHS 

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