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Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation
“We respectfully acknowledge the Yamaji people on whose land I live and work and I pay my respects to their Ancestors and Yamaji Barna”


Why does Bundiyarra exist?


Bundiyarra meaning ‘A Good Place’


The story begins in 1992 when after 10 years of hard slogging,  a group of Elders won their fight to win land rights for the reserve located on the corner of Eastward and Blencowe Roads in Utakarra.    The Elders weren’t afraid of the hard work they had in front of them, as they saw the opportunity for a sporting, recreational and administrative centre for the local Aboriginal people once the land is developed.  This would allow them to preserve their heritage, promote their culture and provide their children and families with a launching pad for the future.


The site for the Bundiyarra complex was chosen because of its historical significance.  Founding families, the Ronans, the Camerons the Dodds, the Gregorys, the Nannups and the Whitbys can trace their ancestry in the area for many generations.  Acknowledgement to Sandy Davies should also be made for his  encouragement to Aboriginal people to use their voice.  According to Rob Ronan, during the late 1950’s his people used the land as a camping area because they were not allowed to go into town.


In 1994 the five hectare block, which was officially vested in the Aboriginal Lands Trust was granted to Bundiyarra on a 99-year ‘peppercorn lease’.


On Friday, 28 June 2002, the care, control and management of Bundiyarra Reserve 22660 was transferred from the Aboriginal Lands Trust to Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation as part of the Western Australian Government’s Land Transfer Program. To commence the occasion, the Hon. Alan Carpenter, MLA, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, presented the framed documents to the Corporation at an official ceremony held at the Bundiyarra Centre. The reserve was named Bundiyarra by Dora Dann meaning ‘A good place to go’ in Wajarri language.


Since the official opening on Wednesday, 1 May 1998, Bundiyarra has focused on the List of Objectives created by the Founding Elders.  Bundiyarra has offered a multitude of programs and services, assisted with the delivery of fourteen language resources, delivered training in language and assisting organisations with how to engage Aboriginal people, offered conference room facilities, assisted remote communities to live in an environmentally friendly and safe place and acted as an umbrella body for a number of Aboriginal organisations. 


The List of Objectives are as follows;

  1. To act as an umbrella body for Aboriginal organisations in the region
  2. To coordinate the activities of its members in so far as these activities
  3. To provide accounting and other community services for the members
  4. To support the social development of its members
  5. To bring about self support of its members
  6. To support eduction, job training, health services, employment and housing to its members

To help and encourage its members to maintain and continue their traditional culture.



Bundiyarra - the story behind the name and logo


Maxine Charlie


Maxine Charlie painting the

winning mural on the premises

of Bundiyarra in 1998. 


Original Bundiyarra Logo

Geraldton’s Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation is getting for the official opening of their new premises in Utakarra.  With the help of Geraldton’s most talented helpers, Bundiyarra’s new hall and grounds are being transformed.


A team of artists from the Aboriginal Art and Design course at Central West TAFE, are putting their best works onto the hall itself.  Panels were build onto the building expressly for the murals, and Maxine Charlie is just one of the artists painting a panel. 


In fact it is Maxine’s artwork that will be used for Bundiyarra’s new logo that will be seen on their letterheads and invitations. 


The painting represents the different community organisations and people that Bundiyarra is linked



Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation was officially opened on Wednesday, 1 May1998.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013, will mark the fifteenth Anniversary since the opening.


Dora Dann can be proud of naming Bundiyarra. The word ‘Bundiyarra’ is taken from the Wajarri language and means ‘This is a good place to go’.

Dora has been a life time supporter of Bundiyarra. Her determination to make a go of the opportunity, has provided something for younger generations to utilise for many years to come.




A look back in time


 Bundiyarra reserve

1997: The Bundiyarra Reserve

prior to development

First pouring of concrete

The first pouring of concrete starts

the foundations

 Building commences

The building on it's way up


TAFE stuents commence paving

the veranahs

 Official opening

1 May 1998: Official Opening -

Dora Dann and Kathleen Gregory

cut the ribbon to officially open

the building

 Official Opening

A balloon release comemorates the

opening. Minister Alan Carpenter

joined the celebrations



Do you have photos or history articles of Bundiyarra?


If you do, we would be please to scan a copy at Bundiyarra or you can email photos and articles to: marketing@bundiyarra.org.au

Photos will be use to create a catalogue for community uese and may appear within the Bundiyarra Gardantha Newsletter or on our website.

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